Using Public Transport

Public transport is a great way to travel to and from school and gives students (and parents) the opportunity to sit back and relax. In Northern Ireland you can use either bus or train depending on where you live - over 55,000 children travel to and from school every day on Translink bus and rail services.




Benefits of using Public Transport

There are many benefits associated with using the bus or train: 

Energy conservation - using public transport reduces the amount of energy consumed per person per km as public transport uses significantly less energy than comparable travel by private car.

Air quality - public transport produces less carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for every passenger km travelled compared to the private car. Therefore the air quality in your local environment will be better.

Safety - by using the bus or train you are directly reducing the number of private cars on the school run. This in turn reduces congestion at and around the school gates and makes it a safer and healthier environment for pupils and staff. Using the bus is 7 times safer than a private car, while taking the train is 15 times safer than using a private car (CPT Statistics).

Improves confidence - by using public transport children have more interaction with members of their local community and will gain valuable road safety skills.

Increases levels of health and fitness - the majority of people who use public transport tend to walk to and from the bus stop/train station. In this way children can build in physical activity into their daily routine.





Supports a strong economy - public transport is an essential part of a strong economy as it allows people to access jobs, education and health services. It also reduces congestion and allows goods and services to gain access to essential markets.

Supports local communities - public transport is an essential service which can support local services and facilities. The provision of public transport enables people to gain access to schools, jobs, hospitals and shops. It ensures all members of society can access all services and makes local communities inclusive.

Reduces congestion - public transport reduces the need to travel by private car. In turn this reduces the amount of cars on the road, reduces congestion, reduces travel time and improves the quality of life in the local community.

Reduces Stress - Travelling by bus or train can also be an enjoyable time to spend talking to friends, reading or listening to music.