Translink introduce new Biodiversity App on World Environment Day 2014

Translink have teamed up with the Lough Neagh Partnership (LNP) to introduce ‘Un-Lough Neagh-ture’, a new cutting edge app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to educate and reconnect people with nature, meeting one of the key objectives within Translink’s Biodiversity Action Plan.  The project has been funded by the 2014 Challenge Fund administrated by Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL) through funds generated via the N. Ireland plastic bag levy.  ‘Un-Lough Neagh-ture’ app is free to download on the Google Playstore from today, in celebration of World Environment Day, and can be downloaded on any Android device. 

Users will be able to navigate around 16 environmentally important sites located around the Lough Neagh Wetlands with over 3,000 virtual points of interest spread over the 400km².  What makes this app so unique is its AR technology, which allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world.  Each user can view specific information that floats in front of them in a virtual world using their camera function, to identify, locate and report natural heritage species and habitat features; while at the same time exploring environmental sites and their key public facilities.

This partnership has been formed to develop and promote Lough Neagh as a top ecological destination with the app enabling members of the public to plan their own journey to Lough Neagh using Translink’s Journey Planner, incorporated within the app.  It is hoped that the app will allow members of the public and tourists within Northern Ireland to visit one of the UK’s most environmentally significant hidden gems!

So what are you waiting for, download the Un-Lough Neagh-ture App on your Android device;

The app is planned to be launched 05th June 2014 in line with World Environment Day.