Translink BioBuzz Winner
Translink BioBuzz Winner
Congratulations to Translink customer Elena Aceves-Cully, winner of the 2013 Translink BioBuzz!

The initiative asked passengers to send in pictures of the plant and animal life they encounter on their journey. Elena captured this image of a seal on a rock during her train journey between Larne and Carrickfergus. Here’s what she said:

“The journey between Larne and Carrick on the train is one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced, with amazing sea and Larne Lough views. There is plenty of wildlife in sight. I have attached a photograph of a favourite spot for seals to lie in the morning or early evening. As it is always the same rock being used, the conditions must be right: low tide, calm sea and even better if sunny. I have noticed both black and grey looking seals using it so it is not just the one seal and it is used throughout the year…”

Thanks Elena for this fantastic story! Keep sending us your BioBuzz sightings – email [email protected]

Winning Photograph - Seal on a rock