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The Belfast Hub

Making Progress Together
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We've asked for your views on the Belfast Hub proposals and received thousands of responses.
Thank you for such a positive and supportive response; we’ve listened carefully to your individual comments and suggestions which have been used to develop and shape the latest Hub proposals.

‘Weavers Cross’ announced as name of new city neighbourhood
Translink has revealed the name for the new city neighbourhood surrounding the Belfast Hub.
‘Weavers Cross’ will be situated in the heart of Belfast; an 8 hectare site linking the modern high capacity transport hub with impressive mixed use development proposals.

The Belfast Hub is a flagship project prioritised in the Programme For Government for funding. The surrounding Weavers Cross neighbourhood offers huge investment potential allowing for over 100,000sqm of commercial space alongside significant residential and amenity space.
Translink drew inspiration from the area’s industrial heritage and geography to create the name ‘Weavers Cross’ which offer a unique identity for this new city neighbourhood; the area was one of Belfast’s linen industry centres and also a key crossing over the Blackstaff River.
Belfast is already attracting multi-national investors and Weavers Cross will enable the city to attract more developers with an attractive and unique investment opportunity. The development will also feature high-quality residential and leisure space within walking distance of three higher education institutions, two hospitals and the city’s vibrant social scene.
A key theme of this project is ‘regeneration through reconnection’ and Weavers Cross represents a new city neighbourhood that brings life to the area’s past, regenerates its present and reimagines its future to benefit the whole community.

WX Newsletter
Edition 1 - August 2017
Keep up to date with all the progress on the Belfast Transport Hub and Weavers Cross by downloading the Community update

Belfast Hub Public Consultation Boards: Feb - Mar 2017

The Hub - proposed designs

Belfast Hub Aerial View

Great Northern Mall


Great Northern Mall


Consultation has identified a series of recurrent key themes, such as: access for people with impaired mobility; cycling infrastructure provision; contemporary versus traditional design; traffic congestion and parking provision in the vicinity; noise & air quality; construction impact and local history recognition.
This world-class Belfast Hub development will energise our city, providing journey experiences that enrich lives. It will act as a catalyst for regeneration, connecting and inspiring more people to live and work here.

Key Benefits of the Design
Regeneration and Community
Regeneration and Community
Supports, facilitates and integrates with wider regeneration opportunities for the area.
Designed to be an integrated multi-modal transport hub bringing Translink operations together for efficiency, safety and comfort and attracting more people to choose greener active travel options for a healthier city.
|New Station Quarter
|New Station Quarter
Creating a new heart for the city encompassing the adjacent Sandy Row and Lower Falls neighbourhoods.
New Gateway to Belfast & Northern Ireland
New Gateway to Belfast & Northern Ireland
Attracting and welcoming visitors worldwide - including cross border train and coach services from ROI and airport express bus services from NI Airports, supporting tourism.
New Accessible Civic Space
New Accessible Civic Space
Inviting more people to access the local area helping to regenerate and invigorate adjacent neighbourhoods.
Commercial Business and Investment
Commercial Business and Investment
Facilitates excellent commercial business development opportunities to support local economy and unleash job creation potential.
Considerate Construction
Considerate Construction
Minimises overall disruption for customers by maintaining existing services while The Hub is constructed and minimising impact on wider community during project construction phase.

Connecting People and Opportunities
From talking to the local community and other stakeholders we know how important it is to connect people with opportunities. The location is ideal to serve the City's two Universities and other leading educational facilities. It also provides access to healthcare services with links to the two main hospitals.
The developing design makes it easy for people to access links to South and West Belfast and into the city centre and will complement other key initiatives for the area such as the Urban Villages Regeneration scheme, the proposed Linen Quarter as well as local wayfinding trails, Public Realm and cycle initiatives that will encourage more use of public transport and active travel.
It will also support Belfast City Council's City Centre Regeneration and Investment Strategy with the Hub designated one of the 5 Special Action Areas in the City.