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Corporate Challenge
Would you like to run your own Bus + Train Week event?
To celebrate Bus + Train Week, 4 – 10 June 2018, Translink is calling on organisations across Northern Ireland to encourage employees to leave the car at home and give the bus and train a go.
We all have a responsibility to ease traffic congestion, promote a healthier lifestyle and support the environment.
Our Corporate Challenge is a great opportunity to showcase what your organisation is doing when it comes to CSR, sustainability and making your community a better place to live and work.


What's in it for my Employees?
Using public transport offers many benefits to your employees and staff which in turn will benefit your business or organisation. Benefits including:
Health Benefits
Health Benefits
Greener Journeys research shows that people who take the bus regularly walk 2.5 times further than those who use the car and they are on average a third less stressed
More ‘Me’ Time
More ‘Me’ Time
Whether it’s reading a book or catching up on work emails, getting away from behind the wheel and on board public transport lets commuters have a more productive daily commute

Last Year's Corporate Challenge
In last year’s Bus + Train Week, Edwards & Co Solicitors came out on top as the Corporate Challenge Champion. Other winners included Etain Ltd for Best Small Organisation, Barclays Bank Plc (Corporate Team) for Best Large Organisation and Northern Ireland Co-Ownership Housing Association for Public Sector Champion.
The four organisations were the winners of Translink’s #GetOnBoardNI Corporate Challenge during Bus + Train Week 2017
Pictured with Lynda Shannon, Communications Manager, Translink (centre) is l-r Joanna McArdle, Barclays Bank, Jill Wilson, Etain Ltd, Gemma Lawlor and David Sturgess, Edwards & Co Solicitors, and Cara McManus and Gillian Lavery, Northern Ireland Co-Ownership Housing Association. The four organisations were the winners of Translink’s #GetOnBoardNI Corporate Challenge during Bus + Train Week 2017

How To get Involved?
Translink will provide you with all the tools you need to roll out the Bus + Train Week Corporate Challenge within your organisation and you can sign-up any stage before or during Bus + Train Week
Step 1 - Request a Pack
Start by requesting our free Corporate Challenge Pack that contains everything you need from journey logs and wall barometers to bunting, ticket giveaways and posters - helping to create excitement and communicate the campaign with your employees. The journey log can help you calculate the number of car journeys converted to public transport and determine miles saved. Requested packs will be distributed in early May 2018.

Challenge Champions
Here’s what a couple of Translink’s past Corporate Challenge Champions had to say about the initiative:
"The Barclays Bank Corporate Team thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the #GetonBoardNI Corporate Challenge.

Over 50 percent of people in our office already regularly take public transport to work and during Bus + Train Week, this increased to over 75 percent. Team members reported the health benefits of hopping on board, with a number of staff taking the opportunity to get off a few stops earlier and run or walk the extra distance home.

We’re looking forward to getting involved again this year and will be working hard to get everyone taking the bus or train at least once during the week."
Joanna McArdle
Barclays Bank Corporate Team
"Edwards and Co was delighted to be crowned overall winner of the 2017 Bus and Train Week #GetonBoardNI Challenge.

Our team enthusiastically got behind the initiative, which was an ideal way to publicly showcase our efforts towards sustainable travel. Staff were incentivised to get involved in a selfie competition, with prizes for the best pictures taken on-board the bus or train.  As the week progressed, the challenge gathered real momentum internally, so much so that on the last day of the week, we were able to lend our company carpark to another business and raise £100 for charity in the process.

Taking part in the campaign was a really positive experience, which encouraged staff at all levels to give public transport a go. We’re already planning to get involved again this year and would certainly encourage others to do the same."
David Sturgess
Partner, Edwards and Co.

Want to find out more?

Call the Translink Bus + Train Week Team on 028 9089 9455

Email [email protected]

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