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Our plans support many of the (draft) Programme for Government's 14 outcomes, from unlocking the economic potential, to supporting a more inclusive, healthier society while helping to protect the environment.
It is widely recognised that high quality transport infrastructure is a critical determinant of a country's economic competitiveness. NI Audit Office report on the 'Effectiveness of Public Transport in NI' endorsed the need for additional spend on the delivery of public transport here. Spend per head of population in NI is around 60% of that in England and Wales and 40% of that in Scotland.
It is important that this underinvestment is addressed to meet the growing demand for public transport which is necessary to support the local economy, connect people to employment, health, education and leisure activities and improve the environment.
People are at the heart of what we do. Our own Team Translink are proud to serve the people of Belfast; it's not just about the journey, we aim to give our passengers an outstanding customer experience so they keep coming back and become public transport advocates.
We're Going Your Way
We have a track record of success, and will continue to strive to provide a growing bus and rail service, connecting people and places and creating a healthier, greener, less congested city for all.
Rail Network investment for the City
Rail journeys have doubled over the last 10 years - we are now carrying over 14million passengers annually.
We want to build on this success and harness the customer enthusiasm and desire for rail travel. The new Belfast Transport Hub will include 8 new platforms facilitating additional rail frequency and capacity to bring people to the heart of the city as well as serve local residents and visitors.
We also have plans for rail fleet investment so we can increase passenger capacity across the local rail network