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Summer with Translink
Say hello to summer with Translink. We have tickets and offers available that will make your summer months just that little bit more enjoyable.


The Healthy Lunch Off!!!
We have joind forces with SuperValu and Centra to launch the Healthy Lunch Off competition, challenging the whole of Northern Ireland to get creative and come up with a unique, healthy lunch idea that could win them some fantastic prizes.


Summer Ideas with Translink
There is a summer full of places to see, all accessible by public transport. So go and plan your trip, get yourself a ticket, and start exporing this summer.


Concerts & Events
Northern Ireland have some major events, festivals and concerts this summer. From music to sports, from culture to heritage. And Translink even provide dedicated, enhanced and/or scheduled services to them.
Concert & Event Travel


Reasons to Use
Public Transport
Last year we celebrated Translink’s highest passenger numbers in 20 years with 81 million passenger journeys.

There’s been no better time to make the smart move to public transport!.