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Metro is Translink's bus service in Belfast. It is the hassle-free way to travel in and around the city, and like all Translink services there are a variety of money saving monthly, weekly and day tickets available to suit every need.

"The Metro service helps avoid traffic and saves money"


Why Metro?

Stephen’s 32 and training to be a nurse. By using our Belfast bus service Metro he avoids traffic and saves money. Which he spends on books, to read on the bus! 

He uses the mLink app to make his journeys that little bit easier – he has more important things to think about!


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Become a Metro Smartmover
Being a Smartmover is a state of mind. Its about embodying health, happiness and savings, and become one with public transport. So get your ticket, plan your journey and maybe you can gain full level #smartmovers......'ness' .
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Special Offers
You can be an even smarter smartmover by saving money on your Metro Travel with our latest Metro Special Offers.
Download the latest Metro Timetables, get information on corridors and get route maps for your service.
Plan a Journey
Plan your Metro travel using our Journey Planner. For Journey Planning, Timetables and Next Bus Information.

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Smartmovers Survey
Help us make public transport even better! Take a quick online survey about your journey with Translink and you could help improve the things that are important to you.

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Smartmover of the Month

Sinead Donnelly

I would love to win your one month free smart move pass. I am currently a student and travel on 2 buses a day each way (total 4) to get to university 5 days a week. I be on the first bus at 6.40am and not getting on my last bus home to 6.45pm. Therefore this would really make my travels a lot easier.

If you would like to be featured next month and win a months free travel across Northern Ireland, please 'Direct Message' us on Twitter
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