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Introducing Glider
Glider.... the new, effortless and smooth way to travel, Glide through city traffic and arrive fresh and ready on a modern and high tech mode of travel, providing direct cross-city services between the east and the west of the City and linking into Titanic Quarter.
Representing an investment of over £90m, it will deliver a high quality, high capacity, bus-based rapid transit system that makes way for a transformational change and a more connected City, bringing people and communities together.

First public impressions of Glider
"Look forward to great frequency and a faster service"


It's About the Experience
The Glider experience will be all about ease of use and great value. It will be frequent and
accessible and connect into the wider Translink bus and rail networks to provide a convenient,
integrated network.
Reduction in journey times
25% reduction in public transport journey times
Improvement in journey time reliability
Integration with other forms of transport


Key Facts
The services will operate with a new, modern eco-hybrid fleet. Catering for more passengers than conventional buses, passengers will also enjoy a new ticketing system which will speed up getting on and off the vehicle. Extensive bus priority will also be in place along the route facilitating fast and reliable journeys. Metro bus feeder services will connect Glider passengers to residential areas in the Dundonald and Colin areas.
• In passenger service from September 2018
• 7-8 minute intervals throughout most of the day
• 25% reduction in public transport journey times
• Unified fares with Metro with a focus on ease of use and great value
• Operates primarily along bus lanes with selective bus priority at traffic signals
• CCTV for safety and security
• Real-time passenger information

The Service
Glider will provide fast and reliable services connecting East and West Belfast, Titanic Quarter and key locations of economic and social activity in the city centre and along the Glider corridors.
It will replace most of the main Metro services on the routes that it serves: Metro 4 in East Belfast and Metro 10 in West Belfast. Some Metro services, which serve destinations off the Glider routes, will continue to use parts of the Glider routes and therefore benefit from the increased bus priority.
When Glider comes into operation Metro bus feeder services will be provided with appropriate interchange facilities and co-ordinated timetables. The interchange facilities will be provided at Dundonald Park & Ride in the east and at Colin Town Centre Transport Hub in the west.

First public impressions of Glider
"Like the new USB charging points"


The Vehicle
With a capacity of around 105 people, the vehicle interiors will be constructed using high quality materials and the engines will utilise the latest hybrid diesel/electric technologies emitting low noise, low vibration and low levels of pollutants.
Glider vehicles will have onboard information screens providing real time journey information and audio visual next halt and destination announcements. Free on-board Wi-Fi will also be provided.
105 passengers

Passenger Priority
Glider passengers are set to benefit from extensive bus lanes along the routes. Where appropriate, Glider services will also get priority at traffic signals making way for fast and reliable services.
Forward looking cities are making transformational changes, introducing the right policies, projects and interventions to tackle congestion and implement intelligent, integrated mobility solutions with public transport at their core. This will encourage real modal shift that will result in less congested roads for all.

First public impressions of Glider
"It's very impressive, Modern and sleek"

A New Eco-Hybrid Fleet
A New Eco-Hybrid Fleet
An efficient public transport system delivers energy efficient and low carbon mobility. Travelling by public transport is already great for the environment but we also look at our own footprint.
Belfast Metro
Belfast Metro
Glider replaces the majority of Metro 4 and 10 services so this is an opportunity to redesign our Metro bus network. It is our aim to further simplify and refine our networks to make them more robust, connected and offer faster, more attractive services for our customers.