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Investment for Growth and Jobs
This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme for Northern Ireland 2014-2020.

Ticketing & Real-Time Information
We will be commencing the roll-out of our new ticketing systems with the introduction of Glider. Our new ticketing has a keen focus on integration, flexibility and convenience, with customers preferring to use products like mLink - mobile phone ticketing.
We are planning further enhancements to make things even more convenient. Options will include contactless payment cards on bus, e-purse payments and ticket vending machines, all making going by bus, Glider and train even easier. We will also be introducing new online / app ticket purchases and smartcard top-ups.

First public impressions of Glider
"It’s very comfortable and sounds easy to use"


Make it in Real-Time
We already have real-time passenger information available for Metro through our journey planner and online and this technology will also be available for Glider.
Real-time information will also be made available through the NI Open Data portal to enable third parties the opportunity to explore further innovations and help us to find even smarter and better ways of delivering and promoting shared mobility services.

A New Era in Translink Tickets
Following extensive research and consultation, Translink Future Ticketing System (TFTS) has been carefully developed to transform our passenger journey experience, meet changing customer needs and attract more people on board bus and rail services. The Glider service will provide;
• Off-vehicle ticketing - buy ticket or validate smartcard before you travel.
•Speedier boarding & journey times
•Vending machines / validators at every halt
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