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Ticket Transfer & Acceptance after 6.30p.m.

To further enhance our integrated service and ticketing options from Monday 4 April 2016 the following tickets can be transferred to use for travel on NI Railways, Ulsterbus or Goldline services after 6.30p.m. for the same journey and within the date validity of the ticket (within Northern Ireland only).


Ulsterbus / Goldline:

  • Day Return
  • 1 Month Return
  • Sunday Bus Rambler Ticket


NI Railways:

  • Paper Day Return
  • Paper 3 Day Select Return
  • Paper Weekly Ticket
  • Paper Monthly Ticket
  • Sunday Day Tracker

Please note:
All other Translink ticket types, smartcards, mLink products (including Metro tickets and Smartcards) are not valid for transfer and acceptance.