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Using your Belfast Visitor Pass

Ok, you've got your Belfast Visitor Pass, and your ready to start exploring Belfast. Your pass can be used on Translink buses and trains within the Pass zone.

And dont forget! Many of the city's sights and attractions are in the city centre but many are easier accessed by bus or train.

On the Bus
  1. Hold your Belfast Visitor Pass to the target on the ticket machine reader with the front of the card facing upwards.
  2. When the card reads successfully, the machine will bleep once and the green light will light up.
  3. The machine will issue you with a paper ticket showing the details of your journey. The ticket must be retained for inspection.
  4. If the red light appears, remove your Belfast Visitor Pass, then hold it to the target and try again.
On the Train
  1. Hand your Belfast Visitor Pass to the conductor.
  2. The conductor will validate your Belfast Visitor Pass for you. A ticket receipt will NOT be produced.
In Stations
  1. Translink Platform Validators are located at several stations on the NI Railways network so you can validate your Belfast Visitor Pass for each leg of your journey as you pass through the ticket barrier
  2. Where a validator machine is available you MUST use it to validate your Belfast Visitor Pass for each leg of your journey. If a validator machine is not available the ticket barrier staff will validate your Belfast Visitor Pass for you.
  3. Hold your Belfast Visitor Pass to the target at the bottom of the validator machine.
    When the card reads successfully the machine will bleep once. A green light will light up and a tick symbol will appear on the screen at the top.
    If a red light appears and an x symbol displays on the screen at the top, remove your Belfast Visitor Pass and speak to a member of staff.
  4. The validator machine does not issue a ticket or receipt. It simply checks that your Belfast Visitor Pass is valid to make a journey. No cash is accepted or stored in a validator machine. You are required to present your Belfast Visitor Pass to any authorised member of Translink staff when requested. Please note that if your Belfast Visitor Pass does not read on a Translink ticket machine you must pay full fare for the journey and phone Translink's SmartPass Office on 028 9075 9129 to obtain a replacement card.
Whats On in Belfast
Whatever the time of year you choose to visit Belfast you'll always find a crazy amount of activities and events to keep you busy and entertained. Get the latest scoop on current films, concerts, festivals and box office events and everything else that's happening.