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I Get Glider

The #igetglider advertising campaign showcases our Glider passengers, sharing their travel stories and what using Glider means to them. First up, we meet Stephany and Ronan…

Study sessions & catch ups all in one journey. With more places to go, I can study my way
Ronan a busy student who's always on the go with Glider. He uses his yLink smartcard to travel for less, saving even more when he meets up with his friends.
For studying, Ronan glides across the city from West to East Belfast for group Spanish sessions, practicing his language skills over a coffee. Plus, on-board Wi-Fi and phone charging means Glider keeps him connected for socialising – catching the latest blockbusters at the cinema, city centre shopping and trips out to the Titanic Quarter are on Ronan’s radar!

Exploring the city or making me-time – I get to choose! Plug in, recharge and relax on the way to yoga!
Stephany moved to Belfast with her husband in 2016 and has been exploring the city ever since! Gliding East to West or into town, every day is a new destination with Glider.
Stephany likes to use her laptop to write, so while on-board Glider she can get inspired by her city surroundings and plug in her laptop. Whether she's taking a yoga or contemporary dance class, finding the latest blends at a new coffee shop or listening to music, Glider's fast and frequent services are perfect for Stephany's schedule.

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