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Bi-Lingual Public Consultation

Bi Lingual Destination Screens
on Ulsterbus Foyle Bus Services
Translink is reviewing the potential to use bilingual destination screens using both English and Irish language on bus destination screens on Ulsterbus Foyle City Services operating in Derry-Londonderry.
Initially we would propose to pilot the initiative on services operating on the Slievemore route. If successful there is potential to roll out to other routes across the City.
This initiative is a way to celebrate traditional place names in the city and their meaning while also helping to support local tourism through a unique visitor experience.
Seeking Your Views
We want to ensure any potential changes are delivered sensitively in order to reflect the shared heritage of the area and support the cultural and linguistic diversity of the city.

We want to hear the views from the wider community to assess the level of support for this initiative.

Response Deadline : 26 May 2017
Why Are We Planning This?
We have already introduced bilingual bus destination screens in Belfast where demand was identified and this has been very well received by local people and visitors to the area. This has included the use of Irish language on printed passenger information/bus stops in Belfast along the Falls Road, Metro 10 Corridor and on Safety literature used in local Irish speaking schools.
The initiative also supports key objectives and principals set out in the European Charter for Minority Languages.