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Young People

Lets face it, not many young people have the luxury of being able to afford a car. There are always more important things to be spending your money on than petrol, car tax or your MOT. And that's not even counting the cost of buying one or having to get it repaired.


With Translink, you get the best of both. Great savings with the addition of being able to get to and from College or University, bar or nightclub, house or halls.

We have a range of travel cards and tickets, specificily for young people, to try and keep those pennies firmly in your pocket so that you can enjoy being young.

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The Belfast Uni-Link Service
Uni-Link is a direct bus service between Queen's University, Ulster University York Street, Northern Regional College and Ulster University Jordanstown (also calling at Great Victoria St Belfast). (Metro smart cards can be used on the Uni-Link bus service).
What Tickets/Cards are available
There are a selection of tickets and cards available to students weather your studying in Belfast, or in other areas of Northern Ireland.
Smart Card
Smart Card
Smartlink cards can be pre-loaded with journeys in advance or with a day, week or a month's worth of travel. Please note that the same smart card cannot be used on both Ulsterbus and Metro services. If you use both services, two separate cards are needed. (Metro smart cards can be used on the Uni-Link bus service)
24+ Card
24+ Card
Translink NI Railways 24+ Student Railcard provides 1/3 Off NI Railways services throughout Northern Ireland, plus discounts of up to 50% on Enterprise services. They are valid to use for discounted travel from 1st September 2015 until 30th September 2016 and cost £8 (paid annually on renewal of application). Part-time or evening students or those on training courses are not eligible.
iLink Card
iLink Card
iLink is an integrated Smartcard from Translink which provides unlimited day, weekly and monthly bus and rail travel within specified zones across Northern Ireland. There are 5 Zones to choose from, with a North West Zone prefect for travel within the Coleraine/Portrush/Derry~Londonderry area.
yLink Card
yLink Card
yLink is the must have card to get a massive 1/3 off Translink bus and rail services within Northern Ireland plus up to 50% off Enterprise. It's available for all 16-23 year olds and costs only £8, for up to 8 years.
Study/Commute in the North West Triangle?
Do you study or commute in the North West of Northern Ireland? There are both bus and rail services that operate to and around the North West Triangle (Ballymoney, Coleraine, University, DhuVarren, Portrush, Portstewart, Castlerock, Bellarena, Derry~L'derry).
Find Out More
The Translink Youth Forum (TYF) has been set up to cater for young people between the ages of 16 and 23, providing an effective forum through which to channel the views, opinions and experiences young people using transport services in Northern Ireland.
The Translink App!
For Journey Planning, Next Departures, Timetables and Next Bus Information on Metro services, simply download our App from Google Play or the App Store!