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Benefits of Park & Ride

  • Parking – it can be difficult to find a car parking space in the city centre - park your car at the Park & Ride site most convenient to you and get to your destination hassle-free!

  • Taking your car is expensive – think of all the costs associated with it – fuel, upkeep of the car, expensive car parking. Why run your car when there is a bus or train going to the same place at the same time? And car parking is free.

  • Bus or rail fares are cheaper than City Centre car parking rates.

  • Pollution – public transport has less of a negative impact on the environment than taking the car – why not help reduce your “carbon footprint”?

  • Convenience – Park & Ride services operate at convenient times – there’s a wide range to choose from and there are convenient opening hours for car parks.

  • Avoid the traffic – leave traffic congestion behind and take advantage of a frequent and fast service that’s comfortable and stress free.

  • The car parks have on-site security and are well lit.

  • There are fast & frequent buses / trains to Belfast City Centre.

  • There are bus priority lanes for bus services.

  • Sites are also available for Park & Share.

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