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Third Party Works

Guidance and information for third parties (adjacent land owners, statutory authorities, utility companies, consulting engineers, property developers, etc..) planning to undertake works or activities on or near Translink property that may affect the railway or bus operations.

We in the Civil Engineering Department are tasked with managing the activities of third parties who want to carry out works on or near the railway and bus infrastructure.

As a consequence of the railways topography there is an inherent interface with third parties across Northern Ireland.  Third party activities can range from minor domestic works by adjacent property owners to the construction of new bridges over the railway line. However, despite the complexity of any activity there is always potential for increased risks when undertaking works in close proximity to the railway.

Third parties engaging with Translink/NI Railways to carry out work are required:

  • To conform to the relevant NI Railways rules, procedures and standards as well as the normal legal conditions such as wayleaves, licences or commercial agreements.
  • Demonstrate that the proposed works or activities will be appropriately planned, designed, constructed and have appropriate insurance cover to ensure they will not impact the railway or bus services.

Translink have a team of engineers that will provide advice to anyone who is planning works. Our Third Party Works Engineer is dedicated to co-ordinating third party activities and can be contacted on: 028 9035 4075.

Throughout the consultation process we will provide the necessary guidance documents and competency training information to third parties planning to undertaking activities on or near the railway.  We will work together to ensure the necessary authorisation is in place and the works are undertaken in compliance with NIR requirements for working on or near the railway. 

The following documents will assist you in progressing with your works: