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Safe Use Of User Worked Crossings

A user-worked crossing is one where the user opens and shuts the gates. These level crossings are also commonly known as accommodation crossings. Every year many people are killed and injured in accidents at level crossings, simply because they fail to follow simple safety rules.

This booklet will give you the information you need to use your crossing safely.

Download "The Safe Use of User Worked Crossings" booklet >> (Adobe PDF Document 781Kb)

It is the responsibility of the person using the crossing to make sure that it is safe to cross and that railway traffic and other users of the railway are not put in any danger.

user crossing

If you are the owner of rights over a crossing, in other words, if the crossing gives you access to your property or your land, you have a responsibility to make sure that anyone who uses the crossing also keeps to the rules.

Please remind your visitors, family or employees who use the level crossing that they must keep to the rules. Help us to make crossings safer by setting a good example.

Level Crossing Leaflets

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Promoting the Rail Safety message to the agricultural community

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