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NI Railways FREE WiFi

Free Wi-Fi is available on NI Railways local trains and on the Enterprise cross-border rail service!

Wi-Fi technology is available on all carriages on all NI Railways Trains and is completely FREE. This service allows you to connect to the internet whilst on the move and gives you the opportunity to check your emails, get the latest travel information, catch up on some work or even plan your holiday whilst travelling with us.

Where to access Free Wi-Fi

By using multiple, best available, mobile data connections, we can ensure that you get the best internet connection as you travel. To access our free Wi-Fi service, all you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device. All mainstream laptops, tablets, PDA’s smartphones and web browsers are supported.

Connecting to our Free Wi-Fi is easy

  • Turn your device on
  • Click on the NI Railways Wi-Fi network
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click connecton the NI Railways landing page
  • Open your Internet Browser and enjoy free Wi-Fi


Please refer to the User Leaflet for full information.


How does the service work?

Wi-Fi is an increasingly popular technology that allows you to connect to the internet from the office, at home by creating a ‘hotspot’. Our system takes this a step further by turning the train into a ‘hotspot’, meaning you can get online when on board.

What speeds will I get?

Due to the nature of mobile connections, the speed will flucuate depending on your geographic location and the number of users on the service.

What can I download?

For the benefit of everyone, we would encourage you to be considerate when using the on-board free Wi-Fi. Please only use the free Wi-Fi service for general web browsing, email and social networking. You cannot access media streaming, catch up TV or certain sites through the free NI Railways Wi-Fi service.

How secure is the network?

All practical safeguards have been implemented to reduce the risk to users. This is an open network, but it should not be possible for people to gain unauthorised access to your computer. We recommend that you ensure you have up to date firewall and anti-virus software installed.

What happens if I lose connection?

Our system automatically selects the best connection in the area. If you lose connection, you can resume your session by going back to the landing page and accepting the terms & conditions and clicking on connect.

I can’t get my computer settings to configure to the NI Railways Wi-Fi service. Why?

It is likely that your Wi-Fi Internet settings have been locked, especially if you have a company device. Please contact your company IT department for assistance and then try again.

Your landing page does not appear automatically when I open my web browser. What do I do?

Please see How to Get Connected Guide for Apple users.

Are there any connectivity black-spots?

Yes there is intermittent coverage between Portadown and Newry, around Drogheda, between Carrickfergus and Larne and between Ballymena and Coleraine. This is beyond the control of Translink and Nomad Digital.

If you experience problems connecting to Wi-Fi please call our service provider, Nomad Digital on +4433 0088 1273 or email [email protected] or [email protected]