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New 3 Day Select Ticket
New 3 Day Select Ticket?
A new 3 Day Select Ticket is now available to purchase at NI Railways Ticket Offices and onboard trains - providing a new option to choose 3 specific days of travel within a seven day period and save around 16% off your fare!

Buy Your NI Railways Tickets online now, and start saving!
Weekly Tickets
Weekly Tickets

Weekly tickets offer unlimited travel for 7 days between two designated stations and run from Monday - Sunday. Tickets are available to purchase online up to two weeks in advance.
Monthly Tickets
Monthly Tickets

A monthly ticket allows you to purchase your monthly ticket on any day of the month, with a validity of one month from your chosen date eg: 5th April- 4th May. Pre-purchase of monthly tickets online will be available 14 days in advance.
mLink App
mLink App

mLink allows you to buy, receive & use your rail ticket via your mobile phone. You can purchase weekly & monthly and 3 day flexi tickets. 3 Day flexi tickets are available to purchase on the mLink app only.

Other NI Railways Tickets and Travelcards
1/3 OFF Day Returns
1/3 OFF Day Returns
Calling all shoppers, day-trippers & explorers! Travel between any two NI Railways stations after 9.30am and get 1/3 off the price of a standard day return ticket! Go on, treat yourself!
Save 1/3
aLink Smartcard
Regular Commuter? Get an aLink Smartcard
aLink is a new Translink smartcard which provides annual travel on scheduled Translink services within Northern Ireland for the journey(s) you have chosen.
Save up to 20%
 Family and Friends
Family and Friends
This ticket offers unlimited travel for 1 day for up to 2 adults + 4 children (minimum 1 adult + 1 child) on ANY scheduled bus or rail service within Northern Ireland. The ticket is not valid on Ulsterbus Day Tours or Cross Border services.
From £22


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Portadown Good Service
Bangor Good Service
Larne Good Service
Derry~Londonderry Good Service
Portrush Good Service
Dublin Good Service

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