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Fares Evasion


Fare evasion is a criminal offence that could lead to a court appearance and a fine of up to £1000.

Fare Evasion is a criminal offence. Each passenger is responsible for purchasing a valid ticket for their journey. Ticket inspections are carried out on board trains and at stations/halts by Revenue Protection Officers.


Penalty Fare

If you travel without a valid ticket – but had the opportunity to purchase one – you will be issued with a penalty fare of £50*, plus the value of the full single fare of the journey you're making.

This can be paid on the spot or within 21 days, provided you can produce acceptable identification. (If you do not pay on the spot and are unable to produce ID, the Revenue Protection Officer may bring the matter to the attention of the police.) Non-payment of the penalty fare may result in a court appearance plus a fine of up to £1000.

View the Penalty Fare Appeals Policy

How to purchase your ticket

You can buy your ticket at the Sales and Information Desk in the station or, if travelling from an unmanned halt, from the conductor as he passes through the train.

You can avoid the queues by pre-purchasing your monthly and weekly tickets online or by visiting the Sales and Information Desks up to four days in advance of your new ticket starting.

Passengers travelling on concessionary fares must be able to produce proof of entitlement.


Report a fare evader

If you suspect that someone travelling on a NI Railways service is not in possession of a valid ticket for their journey, we’d like to hear from you. Call us confidentially on 028 90 66 66 30. You may receive a reward of up to £1000 if the Fare Evader is prosecuted.


Contact Us

If you have any queries on penalty fares, please contact the Translink Contact Centre on 028 90 66 66 30.