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Latest Update 14:00 Tuesday 6th December 2016

Latest Metro 10 Service Update 

Metro 10 Falls Road services are currently subject to delays & disruption – Upper Springfield Road is closed for resurfacing works causing heavy traffic congestion on Glen Road & Falls Road. 


61/64 Bus Shelter in Queen Street from Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Services from the 61/64 bus shelter in Queen Street are being moved to accommodate the refurbishment work at the Athletic Stores.

From Tuesday 22nd November 2016 the 61/64 services will depart from the new bus stop closer to Wellington Place.

This is unavoidable due to the nature of the work.


Road Closure, Donegall Avenue - *Friday 4th November to Sunday 11th December (inclusive)

(*Further Updated 3/11)
Donegall Avenue will be closed to Metro services 91 & 92B from Friday 4th November to Sunday 11th December (inclusive) due to NI Water installing sewer upgrade works. Services will operate as shown below:

  • SERVICE 91 Outwards: via Glenmachan Street, turning at Tates Ave/Boucher Rd Roundabout & Glenmachan Street to the Park Centre. Intending city bound passengers on Glenmachan Street should be permitted to remain on board.
    Inwards: from the Park Centre and directly via the Donegall Road -City bound intending passengers may board on Glenmachan Street and remain on the bus for the inward journey to the city centre.
  • SERVICE 92B to operate inwards via Glenmachan Street and Donegall Road, omitting Tates Avenue and Donegall Avenue.


Metro - College Avenue (King Street) Bus Lay-by Closure

Due to a major building development in the area the joint Ulsterbus/Metro bus stop at College Ave (King Street) lay-by will be temporarily suspended from Monday 24th October 2016.
A new Metro bus stop will be located on the lamp post just past College Street.


Lagmore View - Latest Service Update 

From Thursday 1st September 2016 buses will go back into the Lagmore View Terminus to drop off and pick up customers, up to 7pm.

After 7pm all buses will omit the Lagmore View Terminus and will turn left at the viaduct towards Mount Eagles then up to the roundabout then proceed back down to the viaduct and park safely and wait until their inward departure time.

UPDATE 01/09/16 – services will be omitting Lagmore View until further notice.


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