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Latest Update: 20:00 Friday 30th January 2015


Metro Service 12A and 12B Disruption 

Due to a PSNI incident Metro service 12A and 12B are diverted and will operate as normal to Cliftonville Circus then Westland Road, Cavehill Road, Ballysillan Road to the terminus.


Band Parade and Rainbow Project Protest  - Saturday 31st January 2015

There are to be two events taking place in Belfast on Saturday 31st January 2015.

The first a band parade from Donegall Pass to Woodvale Parade commencing at 14:00hrs via Shaftesbury Square – Great Victoria Street – Fisherwick Place – College Square East – Wellington Place – Donegall Square North – Royal Avenue – North Street – Peters Hill – Shankill Road.
At this point the parade will join with the Ligoniel Combine Parade and proceed from the Shankill Road via Woodvale Road to finish at Woodvale Parade.

The second, a protest by the Rainbow Project at approximately 15:00hrs is proposed to be curtailed to the cobbled area of the City Hall and should pose no impact on traffic.

With the band parade and where possible, the P.S.N.I. will operate a rolling diversion or hold traffic until the parade passes. However whilst the parade is in Wellington Place, Donegall Place and Royal Ave, North Belfast Services should operate the following diversions:
INWARDS - via Donegall Street, Waring Street, Bridge Street, High Street, Queens Square, Donegall Quay, Oxford Street, May Street to Donegall Square South, then as normal.
OUTWARDS -  via Chichester Street, Victoria Street, High Street, Bridge Street to Donegall Street and then as normal or diversionary route applicable.

Whilst the parade is on the Shankill Road Corridor 11 services should operate out and in via Clifton Street, Crumlin Road with 11A then onwards via the Crumlin Road to Ardoyne and then as normal with 11B & 11C services via Cambria Street, Enfield Street and then as normal. When the Parade has cleared the Ballygomartin junction the 11A service to then operate via Shankill Road, Tennent Street, Crumlin Road and Ardoyne and then as normal.
Service 80 to operate as normal until the parade is above the Ballygomartin Junction and then out and in via Ballygomartin Road, Enfield Street, Cambrai Street, Crumlin Road to Ardoyne and then as normal. 


Road Closure - Bridge End

Due to resurfacing operations by Roads Service, Bridge End will be closed on Sundays 1st & 8th February 2015 from approximately 06:00hrs until 20:00hrs between the junctions of Dalton Street and Queens Quay.

Metro services in this area will therefore be required to operate the following diversions:

Service 3A – Countrybound as normal. Returning via Newtownards Road, Short Strand, East Bridge Street, Cromac Street to May Street and then as normal.

Service 5A – Countrybound as normal. Returning via Mt. Pottinger Road, Short Strand, East Bridge Street, Cromac Street to May Street and then as normal.

Service 600A & B – Airport bound as normal. Returning via Sydenham Road (Odyssey), Queens Quay, Middlepath Street, Short Strand, East Bridge Street, Cromac Street, to May Street and then as normal.


Royal Victoria Bus Stop Suspension, Country Bound 

Bus stop outside the Royal Victoria Hospital will be reinstated from 30th January.  However the stop located at the Children's Hospital will be suspended for one week from Monday 2nd February 2015.


Donegall Park Avenue Diversion, 28th & 29th January 2015 

Due to essential road works Donegall Park Avenue is to be closed daily from 09:30hrs until 15:30hrs approximately on Wednesday 28th January & Thursday 29th January 2015 at the junction of the Shore Road.

Therefore Service 64 (and possible School Services) should operate the following diversion;

OUT– As normal to Castle Gardens then right onto Donegall Park Avenue, Antrim Road, Whitewell Road to Arthur Road and then as normal.

IN – As the outward diversion to Castle Gardens and then as normal.


Bloomfield and North Road Closure - Sunday 25th January

Due to resurfacing works, Bloomfield Road & North Road will be closed on Sunday 25th January 2015 from 05:00hrs until 22:00hrs.

Metro service 18 will therefore omit North Road and Bloomfield Road in both directions and operate via Upper Newtownards Road and Beersbridge Road.

A temporary inward stop has been erected on the Beersbridge Road to facilitate intending passengers on the diversionary route. 


Services 8, 9 & Donegall Road Buses - New Inbound Stop

A new alighting only stop has been placed outside the Naval Club inbound on Great Victoria Street for 8, 9 and any Donegall Road services.



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