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Metro Travel Updates


Latest Update: 11:44 Tuesday 20th March 2018

QUB Athletics Club 5k Race - Wednesday 21st March 2018, 18:50 - 20:15

QUB Athletics Club Run from Queens Pitches, Annadale Embankment, Ormeau Bridge, Stranmillis, Embankment, Kings Bridge. When the Ormeau Road is closed; 7 & 77 Metro bus services will operate as shown below:

  • Inbound services to operate via Ravenhill Road, Albertbridge, left on to Cromac Street, Ormeau Avenue, Bedford Street.
  • Outbound services to operate as normal to University Avenue then left and via the Ormeau Road, Cromac Street, East Bridge Street and Albertbridge Road, Ravenhill Road to Rosetta then as normal.
Upper Newtownards Road - Road Closure

Due to resurfacing; the Upper Newtownards Road will be closed from the junction of Knock Road and East Link Road from 19:00 on Saturday 24th March to 06:00 on Monday 26th March. 

From Saturday at 19:00 until Sunday at 1100hrs approx. and again on Monday 26th March until 06:00; Metro 4A/B Services will operate to the Knock Road junction and then right on to Knock Road, left on to Kings Road, Old Dundonald Road, East Link Road then right on to Upper Newtownards Road and as normal (both ways).

From 11:00 on Sunday 25th March; Metro 4A/B Services will only operate to / from Ormiston Park; a shuttle bus will then operate the above diversion between Ormiston Park & Ballybeen (both ways).

Metro Service 19 will operate to Millmount Village Roundabout only.

Metro Service 20 will operate to Stormont Gates only (same as a 23 service).

Andersonstown Road Closure - Sunday 25th March

The Andersonstown Road will be closed for carriageway resurfacing work between Finaghy Road North and Kennedy Way on the above date and times. Services will operate as shown below during this time:

  • 10A via Falls Road, Kennedy Way, Glen Road, Glencolin T/C, Shaws Road Finaghy Road North to Ladybrook – reverse on inward journey
  • 10C via Falls Road, Kennedy Way, Glen Road, Glencolin T/C, Shaws Road, Stewartstown Road then as normal. Reverse on inward journey
  • 10D via Falls Road, Kennedy Way, Glen Road, Glencolin T/C, Shaws Road, Stewartstown Road, Upper Dunmurry Lane, Old Golf Course Road, McKinstry Roundabout then as normal to terminus. Inbound via Lagmore Dale, Stewartstown Road, McKinstry Roundabout, Summerhill Road, Cherry Road, Upper Dunmurry Lane, Stewartstown Road, Shaws Road, Glencolin T/C, Glen Road, Kennedy Way, M1, Donegall Road, Falls Road then as normal.
Stewartstown Road Closure - Michael Ferguson Roundabout to McKinstry Road Roundabout - Sun 25th March

Due to road works taking place on Stewartstown Road on Sunday 25th March 2018; 10E/F & 10D Metro Services will operate the following diversion:

  • Outbound as normal until Stewartstown Rd then via Dunmurry Lane, Old Golf Course Road, Creighton Road, McKinstry Roundabout, Lagmore Dale to Terminus.
  • Inbound journey via Lagmore, Lagmore Dale right on to  Stewartstown Road, Creighton Road, Summerhill Road, Cherry Road, Upper Dunmurray Lane, Glengoland, Stewartstown Road then as normal.
Newtownbreda Road Closure - Breda Academy School Services

Due to road works; the Newtownbreda Road will be closed in both directions from the junction of Orchard Mews to Village Court from 06:00 on Monday 26th February to 18:00 Friday 20th April 2018. All School services to Breda Academy will therefore be required to operate the following diversion:

  • TO SCHOOL – as normal till Belvoir Road and then omitting Newtownbreda Road and continuing along Belvoir Road, left at the next junction as shown below, to Newtownbreda Road and observing the temporary stop.
  • FROM SCHOOL – Normal Afternoon Departures via Belvoir Road to Newtownbreda Road and turning left and right into school entrance, reversing assisted by contractors and then to normal departure point. 
Metro 3 & 4 Passenger Information

Due to infrastructure improvements, significant disruption to services can be expected along Metro 3 & 4 Corridors until further notice.

Thank you for bearing with us. We have implemented measures to help reliability and we are working to keep service disruption for our passengers to a minimum.

Metro 10 Falls Road - Stop Suspensions

Due to works relating to Belfast Rapid Transit the following stop will be suspended until further notice: 

  • Countrybound - Westwood Centre

Glenmore Street (Lord Street) Bus Stop Removal - Albertbridge Road 

The bus stop Glenmore Street (Lord Street) on outbound journey on 4A/B, 23, 27, 28/A route has been removed due to BRT works. A new shelter has been erected at the next stop Hornby Street (Albertbridge Road) which is a short walk away for intending passengers. 


Lagmore View - Latest Service Update 

Services will be omitting Lagmore View until further notice.


11C services omitting Glencairn (operating to Springmartin Terminus)

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