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Metro and Glider Smartlink

Smartlink - for Smarter travel!

Smartlink is a smart card which can be loaded in one of two ways to enable you to buy either a certain number of journeys in advance (Multi-Journey or MJ) OR to buy a week or a month’s worth of travel (Travel Card).

Your card can only be used for ONE of these products, so when you buy your first Smartlink Card you will need to decide whether you want it to be a MJ Card or a Travel Card.

Please Note: Smartlink Multi-Journey & Travel Cards are valid for use on ALL Metro and Glider services. 

Smartlink Offers a Number of Benefits

  • It saves you money.
  • It is a safer, cash free method of payment for travel.
  • Smartlink helps speed up boarding times!
  • Lost or Stolen cards can be cancelled or ‘hotlisted’, preventing fraudulent use (see ‘Registering & Hotlisting Your Card’ section).


Buying & Topping Up Smartlink

You can buy a Smartlink Card and top up your journeys or unlimited travel at one of the participating Smartlink Agents in the Greater Belfast Area and the Metro Kiosk, Donegall Square West and Ticket Vending Machines at Glider halts. You CANNOT buy cards or top up on a bus. You can buy Metro and Glider Smartlink tickets online and make significant savings >>

You can top up your Smartlink card at PayPoint Agents across Northern Ireland (NB: You can only top up, not buy Smartlink at PayPoint Agents). You can top up at Ticket Vending Machines at Glider halts.

Card Swapping

You can swap your MJ Card for a Travel Card or vice versa by taking the card to the Metro Kiosk, Donegal Square West providing you have a journey balance of zero (MJ Smartlink) or no remaining validity (Smartlink Travel Cards). 

For all Translink enquiries call:  028 90 66 66 30 Textphone 028 9038 7505.