Metro Smartlink - Big Savings!

Metro Smartlink - Big Savings!

You can now buy Metro Smartlink tickets online!

*from only £1.05 per journey - this is based on purchasing a adult Metro Smartlink MultiJourney card for the Inner Zone.

As well as Metro Smartlink 10, 20, 30 or 40 journeys, you can now also purchase Weekly & Monthly Metro Travelcards.

These provide unlimited travel across the entire Metro network. If you travel more than just Monday - Friday these cards might suit you better!

Weekly Metro Travelcards are valid for 7 days from the first day of use. Weekly tickets are valid for unlimited travel.

Monthly Metro Travelcards are valid from the first day of use for a rolling calendar month i.e. if you begin to use on 15th November it will be valid until 14th December.



Ticket Type Cash Fare Smartlink Fare
  • Inner Zone
£1.50 £1.05
  • City Zone
£2.00 £1.25
  • Extended Zone
£2.30 £1.50
  • Weekly Travel Card
  • Monthly Travel Card

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