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212 Survey Results

Over 600 passenger on our 212 service between Derry-Londonderry completed and returned a survey. The following results are based on the findings of frequent travellers on this service.
The results are the percentage of passengers who rated us good or very good.
Area Detail Percentage
(that rated us good or very good)
Punctuality/Reliability Bus turning up on time 87%
Punctuality/Reliability Bus arriving at destination on time 79%
Punctuality/Reliability Journey time 72%
Punctuality/Reliability Reliability (in terms of breakdown) 74%
Convenience Frequency 93%
Convenience Parking facilities near stop 67%
Comfort/Safety Ease of accessing bus 86%
Comfort/Safety Temperature on bus 66%
Comfort/Safety Comfort at stops 56%
Comfort/Safety Standard of driving 95%
Comfort/Safety Feeling of personal safety 93%
Comfort/Safety Seat comfort 74%
Comfort/Safety Seat availability 70%
Cleanliness Cleanliness of bus 80%
Cleanliness Cleanliness of bus stop 79%
Customer Service Appearance of driver 97%
Customer Service Attitude of driver 95%
Customer Service Boarding process at foyle street 78%
Customer Service Boarding process at Great Victoria Street 60%
Wifi/Service Information Information about service 71%
Wifi/Service Information Quality of wifi 32%
Value For Money Value for money 59%
Our Plans to Improve
Purchased 12 new high spec , high capacity double deck buses at a cost of over £4 million. These vehicles give us over 150 extra seats at peak times as well as improved reliability and passenger comfort.
We have upgraded our 212 Goldline fleet so that most of our buses now have 4G wifi available, although we are aware that blank spots in terms of coverage do exist along the route.
Our drivers are now undergoing regular safety and customer service training sessions.
We are also working on greater bus priority measures and improved park and ride facilities along the route as well as real time customer information.
One of our improvements will be to upgraded our 212 Goldline fleet
One of our improvements will be to upgraded our 212 Goldline fleet.
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