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Enterprise Monitoring Results

In accordance with the Enterprise Passenger’s Charter, we promise to monitor our Enterprise services twice per year. The latest independent monitoring surveys were carried out during June and July 2014. Millward Brown undertook the monitoring process and measured our achievements as they relate to the standards set out in our Charter including:

  • Reliability       
  • Comfort         
  • Cleanliness
  • Being on Time   
  • Courtesy
  • Answering the Telephone
  • Provision of Information

Overall satisfaction is at its highest level in more than 12 years. This is reflected by an increase in satisfaction across the majority of aspects of the Enterprise service. There has been a steady year-on-year increase in satisfaction since Spring 2011. Safety, punctuality, staff and how relaxing the journey is, were the areas which received the highest levels of satisfaction. Almost a fifth of those surveyed said they would speak highly of the service without prompting, a significant increase since last Spring; a further 56% would advocate the service if asked their opinion.

Translink and Iarnród Eireann use the information from these monitoring reports to evaluate and improve all aspects of the Enterprise service where possible. The next round of monitoring will take place in Autumn 2014.

The table below shows Customer Satisfaction Ratings which are customers’ opinions of the services provided by Enterprise.

Enterprise Individual Customer Performance Ratings (%)

Spring 2014

Seat availability 88
Punctuality of service 90
Personal safety 91
Convenience of train times 87
Relaxing journey 91
Provision of information on delays 85
Internal cleanliness of trains 88
Cost and value for money of tickets 86
Quality of toilets 84
Service frequency 88
Staff attitude 90
Heating, Lighting, Ventilation 89
Speed/ease of ticket purchase 88
Level of information provided on-board 85
Level of information at stations 89
Availability of onward transport (trains, buses and taxis) 89
Quailty and value for money of catering 84
Provision of telephone bookings and information 84
Cost and availability of car parking 83
Overall quality of the trains 87
Overall satisfaction 88