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1/3 Off Day Returns after 9.30am

Enjoy 1/3 off day returns on All Ulsterbus and Goldline services within Northern Ireland after 9.30am  until further notice. Tickets are availble from the driver. Return travel is permitted at any time during the day of ticket use.
Ticket Terms and Conditions
  1. Ulsterbus and Goldline 1/3 off day returns after 9.30am (within Northern Ireland) is available until further notice. 
  2. Tickets are valid for one day return journey (one outward and one return journey)
  3. The return journey can be made at any time of the day on the date of ticket issue. Once a ticket has been used for the return journey it will be cancelled by the bus driver and will no longer be valid for travel on that day.
  4. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer or ticket type.
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