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Safety drive at Whitehead Station pedestrian railway crossing

19 January 2017

A safety campaign is underway in Whitehead to ensure the safe use of the pedestrian railway crossing within the village.

Leaflets are being distributed at key locations in Whitehead reminding people to “Never Cross when the warning light is Red” and Translink will be meeting members of the community on Thursday 19th January 2017 to explain the importance of safety at the crossing.

The green light is displayed until a train approaches, then, it will turn red and an alarm will sound. Crossing users must never cross when the red light is displayed.

Translink’s Level Crossing Risk Coordinator Keith Pollock said: “It is crucial to only cross the tracks when the green light is showing.  Pedestrians crossing with young children, dogs, or bikes should take extra care to make sure they observe the lights before considering crossing the tracks; cross quickly and never stop on the crossing”.

Translink is working with the neighbourhood PSNI and the local community to ensure the correct use of this railway crossing.  Enforcement activities will take place in the coming weeks where Translink and the PSNI will be monitoring the use of the crossing in Whitehead.

NI Railways monitors the use of crossings across Northern Ireland and anyone, whether drivers, cyclists or pedestrians caught crossing when the lights are red could face prosecution. In addition, we would remind people that it is extremely dangerous to trespass on the railway.


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