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Upgraded Enterprise Train back on track

13 January 2016

Translink has confirmed that the refurbished Enterprise train will be back in passenger service from today (13 January).  This follows a detailed technical investigation and review of the door mechanisms by the Translink engineering team, specialist door contractors and the train door manufacturer.

Ian Campbell, General Manager, Engineering with Translink explained,

“Safety is a top priority for everyone at Translink and we are committed to maintaining our high standards in this area.

“When these incidents occurred, all the appropriate safety and operational procedures were carried out.  We immediately addressed the issue, removed the train from service and reported the event to the relevant safety authorities.

“We would strongly reassure our passengers and the wider public that there was no imminent danger for our customers travelling on board as a result of these two unrelated door faults”. 

“We have worked closely with the Railway Safety Commission and having satisfied their concerns, the upgraded train will now be returned into service this afternoon.

“We will continue to collaborate with the Railway Safety Commission as we work to bring this significant Enterprise train refurbishment programme to fruition which will ultimately provide a much enhanced quality of service to passengers travelling on this important cross border route”,   he concluded.


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