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Translink Welcomes Urban Transport Group

15 April 2019

Translink has welcomed fellow members of the Urban Transport Group (UTG) on a visit to Belfast in order to learn more about some of our key investments, including the £90m Glider project.

UTG is the UK-wide network of city area transport authorities, which makes the case for public transport as a mechanism to help cities grow and prosper.  The organisation represents public transport companies in regions which account for more than 20 million people.   

Delegates saw the success of Glider for themselves before paying a visit to the £20m Milewater Service Centre, which was supported by the European Regional Development Fund through the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme for Northern Ireland 2014-2020. The service centre is the main base for the iconic Glider fleet, as well as a new depot for Translink’s engineering and projects teams.  They were also briefed on Translink’s additional success in recent times, including the recent planning approval for the Belfast Transport Hub, which has the potential to transform travel in Northern Ireland.  

Robin Totten, Translink Senior Programme Manager, said: ‘‘Translink was delighted to host our fellow members of the Urban Transport Group on a visit to Belfast, and to reiterate our commitment to offering the best possible urban transport options, helping to keep our cities moving.  It is good to work with those facing similar challenges and opportunities in other parts of the UK, supporting best practice and collaboration in delivering sustainable cities.  

‘‘Translink, which has recently joined UTG as an associate member, runs approximately 12,500 services per day across Northern Ireland, transporting in the region of 1.5m passengers every week.  As the main public transport provider in Northern Ireland, we bring a new perspective on the work of UTG.  

‘‘We were pleased to showcase some of our recent achievements during this visit, including Glider. Launched in September 2018, Glider has been successful in encouraging thousands of additional journeys to be made by public transport every day and has generated interest from operators and authorities across Europe.

‘‘Public transport networks are crucial for our region’s future as we work towards its development and growth.  They help keep our cities on the move, getting people to where they need to go and help to attract more visitors, shoppers and events, as well as connecting communities to work, education, hospitals, shops, social activities and more.  With another record year of passenger numbers on our services, Translink is making good on our vision to make public transport ‘your first choice for travel in Northern Ireland’ as we seek to address the challenges of congestion and air pollution and to help create healthier communities.’’ 



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