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Translink Fare Revision Choose Multi-Journey tickets to save

6 March 2018

Translink announced today, (6th March) that fares on Metro, NI Railways and Ulsterbus will be revised, from Monday 26th March.  Some fares are held and many ‘smart’ ticket discounts are available. The overall fare increase will be 2.9% which is below inflation.  However, we would encourage passengers to check out individual changes for their specific journey as well as review their best fare options.

Translink Group Chief Executive Chris Conway said, “With more people travelling with us over the last year and by keeping our costs down, we have been able to keep fare increases low. We know our customers want best value and we encourage everyone to take advantage of the savings to be made with our range of everyday value tickets and offers.   Metro Multi journey Smartlink cards – offer around 25% saving off the cash fare, Metro monthly tickets have been reduced by £2 and Metro mLink offers all day travel from £3.  Other options like weekly and monthly tickets offer great value for rail commuters while we also have a range of special discounts available for leisure markets with 1/3 off Ulsterbus, Goldline and rail fares and special family tickets”. 

Key fare changes will include:
Metro Single cash fares (inner and extended zones only) will increase by 10p 
Metro City Zone £2 fare -  no change – this is the most popular cash fare on Metro
Metro Daylink/mlink fares: unlimited day travel £3 off peak / £3.50 peak - no change 
Metro paper day ticket - £4 no change
Ulsterbus cash single fares -  first increase in 2 years
Ulsterbus 1/3 off day return introduced after 9.30am 
• Ulsterbus Town Service Day Travel Smartcards no change at £2.20
• Ulsterbus maximum cash single to be increased to £12.50
iLink – integrated bus and rail smartcard available for 1 day reduced to £16
Family Day Ticket fare £22.00 - no change

“All our best fare deals can be found on our website or call our contact centre 028 90 66 66 30 or visit the local bus or train station to see how to get the lowest fare and start saving.  We will also continue to work with the Consumer Council NI to promote our range of cheaper tickets.

“Many improvements have been made to our services over the past years which have been welcomed by our customers with recent independent research showing us that customer satisfaction remains high. We will continue to innovate and invest in our services so we build on our success and attract even more people to choose public transport as their first choice for travel in Northern Ireland.



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