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Significant Community Initiatives Planned by Translink in Lurgan

7 May 2019

Translink, together with their delivery contractor, have set out some of the significant community initiatives which are being delivered in Lurgan in association with planned works to upgrade the railway line.

The ‘Lurgan Area Track Renewal Project’ involves essential engineering works to upgrade 1.7km of track between the William Street and Bells Row level crossings. The work will ensure maintenance of the overall performance and high safety standards of this important southern rail corridor for both local and cross border passengers.

Translink and their contractor have been active in engaging with local groups and a package of community benefit measures is well underway with a number of initiatives already delivered.

Allan Stewart, Project Manager for the Lurgan Area Track Renewal Project, said;
‘’From the outset of this project, we have been proactively engaging with the wider community in Lurgan to explain the importance of these essential works in keeping the rail line safe for the Lurgan community and maintaining overall performance.

‘’We want to leave a lasting legacy in the area and have welcomed the opportunity to support a range of local cross community events, with more initiatives planned over the coming months.’’

‘‘Last month, the Translink Safety Bus team met with over 1,000 pupils at six schools in Lurgan to promote railway safety with further workshops being delivered this month.   We also sponsored the well-attended annual Easter Extravaganza event in Lurgan Park organised by the Emmanuel Church.’’

‘’In line with our active travel messaging linked to  the health benefits of regular exercise and mental well-being, we have been working closely with a number of local sports clubs including Clann Eireann GAC, St Peter’s GAC and Lurgan Town FC. Our aim is to deliver tangible benefits for the local community both through sponsorships as well as works to be undertaken by our contractor following the completion of the track renewal project.’’

‘’In addition, we are pleased to be one of the main sponsors of this year’s annual Lurgan Show. This is an excellent platform to speak to the public about the importance of the track renewal project alongside our regular agricultural safety messaging.’’ 

Allan concluded;
‘‘We have welcomed support from the vast majority of local people right across the Lurgan community and forged some great partnerships already.  We want to build on these relationships, deliver the important community projects and ensure the successful completion of the track upgrade works.

“I would ask for the continued support of the local community as we move forward, particularly during the main construction works between 26th July and 23rd August.’’



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