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“Safety First” at Antrim Station level crossing

13 April 2018

A safety campaign is underway to ensure the safe and correct use of Antrim’s railway crossing at Station Road by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Leaflets are being distributed at the crossing, with a reminder to ‘Never Cross when the red warning lights are flashing’.

Translink is working with the neighbourhood PSNI and the local community to ensure the correct use of the level crossing.  

Translink’s Level Crossing Risk Coordinator Keith Pollock said: “It is crucial to only cross the tracks when the warning lights are extinguished and the barriers are fully raised. Pedestrians crossing with young children, dogs, or bikes should take extra care to make sure they observe the lights before considering crossing the tracks; cross quickly and never stop on the crossing.

“Drivers should ensure that when crossing the railway their exit is always clear, and there is no risk of their vehicle having to stop on the crossing.  Drivers and cyclists should never attempt to drive over the crossing when the lights are flashing and the barriers are descending.  If the red flashing lights continue after a train goes by, it means another train will be passing soon.”

Keith concluded: “NI Railways monitors the use of crossings across Northern Ireland and anyone, whether drivers, cyclists or pedestrians caught crossing when the lights are red could face prosecution. In addition, we would remind people that it is extremely dangerous, as well as a criminal offence, to trespass on the railway.”


Issued by Translink Press Office


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