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Don’t forget your ticket to Glide

11 October 2018

With Glider services and the new off board ticketing system now in place for over a month, Translink is reminding customers to make sure they have their ticket and have tapped before they Glide.

David Curry, Translink General Manager Bus explained, “We have been pleased to see how quickly passengers have got used to the new off board ticketing system and we now plan to implement the penalty fare scheme from Monday 15th October for anyone found travelling without a valid ticket.

“There are lots of great value tickets available and a range of easy, flexible ways to pay including: 

Using a smartcard, simply tap at the validator;
Buying a paper ticket using cash or credit card at a ticket machine at the halt;
Using the mLink app and tickets automatically activate upon purchase.

“Whichever you choose the message is simple, don’t forget to tap or buy before you board Glider or you may be liable for a penalty fare of £50 plus the full single fare for the journey.

“We want to protect the vast majority of passengers who do pay the correct fare for their travel, and to tackle those who attempt to travel fraudulently. While we have had an ‘honesty’ period in place during the introductory weeks while the new system bedded in, Customer Revenue Protection Officers will now be patrolling the Glider network to ensure everyone travelling has a valid ticket to travel”, David concluded.

For full details on the best ticketing and fare options and how to buy visit 



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