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Translink Family & Friends Ticket

Where will your unlimited ticket take you? The possibilities are endless!

This ticket offers unlimited travel for 1 day for up to 2 adults + 4 children (minimum 1 adult + 1 child) on ANY scheduled bus or rail service within Northern Ireland. The ticket is not valid on Ulsterbus Day Tours or Cross Border services.


Family & Friends Ticket - £22.00*

Additional Children (under 16 years) - £4 


Metro and Glider Family Ticket - £9.00*

Additional Children (under 16 years) - £1.50


So go on, let’s really get things going for less with Translink Family and Friends. Available every day for travel after 9.30am, and ALL DAY on Saturdays, Sundays and every day during main school holidays**



*Promotional fares available during school holidays -
Family and Friends Ticket - £19
Metro and Glider Family Ticket - £7.50

** does not include mid/half term school holidays. Available Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas.

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