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Weekly Rail Ticket

Great for Regular Rail Users
Weekly tickets offer unlimited travel for 7 days between two designated stations and runs from Monday - Sunday*, on rail services within Northern Ireland (NI Railways Services) only.
 *From 1 July 2018 NIRailways Weekly Tickets will change to a ‘rolling week’, i.e. if you purchase your tickets on a Wednesday, it will be valid until the upcoming Tuesday. 
What are the Benefits
Journeys are over 25% cheaper
You only need to purchase a ticket once a week, saving you the hassle of buying a ticket every day
You can avoid queues at the ticket desk by purchasing online
You only need to travel 4 days per week to start making savings
Buying a Weekly Ticket for NI Railways Services
Weekly rail tickets for travel within Northern Ireland on NI Railways services are available to purchase online, via our ticketing app 'mLink' or as a cash fare from the conductor or in stations.
Save with 3 Day or Monthly Tickets
If your a regular rail user, why not save more per journey by puchasing a 3 Day Select or monthly rail ticket. All are available to purchase online now and are also available via our ticketing app 'mLink'.

3 Day Select ticket not available on cross-border services. mLink tickets only available for NI Railways Services