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Monthly Rail Ticket

Great for Regular Rail Users
A Monthly ticket is available on rail services within Northern Ireland (NI Railways Services) and offers day returns to and from 2 selected stations. The ticket is a rolling monthly ticket allows you to purchase your monthly ticket on any day of the month.
With a validity of one month from your chosen date eg: 5th April - 4th May. Pre-purchase of monthly tickets online is available 14 days in advance.
What are the Benefits
Journeys are up to 43% cheaper
You only need to purchase a ticket once a month, saving you the hassle of buying a ticket every day
You can avoid queues at the ticket desk by purchasing online
You can start using your monthly ticket at any time of the month
You can travel across the whole rail network at weekends with monthly tickets of a value of £85 or greater
You only need to travel 15 days per month to start making savings
Buying a Monthly Ticket for NI Railways Services
Monthly rail tickets for travel within Northern Ireland on NI Railways services are available to purchase online, via our ticketing app 'mLink' or as a cash fare from the conductor or in stations.
Save with 3 Day or Weekly Tickets
If your a regular rail user, why not save more per journey by puchasing a 3 Day Select orweekly rail ticket. All are available to purchase online now and are also available via our ticketing app 'mLink'.

Weekly ticket and 3 Day Select ticket not available on cross-border services. mLink tickets only available for NI Railways Services