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Rail Travelcards & Tickets

There are three options for Translink NI Railways travel; use one of our travelcards (not available for Enterprise services to Dublin), buy a ticket for your trip on the train, in-station or online before you travel, or buy a mobile 'mLink' ticket where available. 
Travelcards are quick and cost-effective - most can also be purchased online. Tickets are convenient and are available from the conductor, in-station or online.
You can purchase some tickets for NI Railways services on our 'mLink' ticket app.


Rail Travelcards

Travelcards are a fast and easy alternative to tickets - most are available to purchase online. And they save you money. What's not to like?

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Rail Tickets

You can buy a ticket from the conductor, purchase in-station or buy online before you travel. Some tickets can also be bought on our 'mLink' ticket app.

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Need Help Choosing
Need Help Choosing?
Get some help finding the right ticket for your journey using the 'What Ticket?' finder. Whether it's a regular commute, or a one-off journey, we'll find the ticket that best matches your intended travel.