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We have a number of travelcards and tickets for bus and rail travel across Northern Ireland.
Save money and time with a travelcard, or use one of our tickets for convenient and easy travel. Find the best option for you...

Need Help Choosing
Need Help Choosing?
Get some help finding the right ticket for your journey using the 'What Ticket?' finder. Whether it's a regular commute, or a one-off journey, we'll find the ticket that best matches your intended travel.



Bus Travelcards and Tickets

From unlimited travel, to one-off journeys, we provide bus travelcard and ticket options to suit everyone.

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Bus and Rail

Regularly use a combination of both bus and rail services? An iLink card provides best value for unlimited bus and rail travel across NI.

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Rail Travelcards and Tickets

Find the best rail ticket for your journey with daily, 3-day flexi, weekly and monthly options.

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Need Help Choosing
Ticketing App
Many of our tickets are also available to buy and use on our 'mLink' ticket app - it's available to download now on IOS and Android devices.