Current Tenders

The Purchasing Department is part of the Finance Division. The Department performs a central core purchasing and purchase ledger (invoice processing) function for the Translink Group. The terms “Translink”, “Translink Group” and “Group” are deemed to be interchangeable and for the avoidance of doubt each means the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company and all of its subsidiary companies including Citybus Limited, Flexibus Limited, NIR Travel Limited, Northern Ireland Railways Company Limited, Travel NI Limited, Translink NI Limited, and Ulsterbus Limited.

Closing Date

Minor Building Works Framework

 03.10.14 23.10.14 

General Building Contractors Framework

 24.09.14  27.10.14

Provision of NIR Bus Substitution Services 

 19.09.14 28.10.14 

 E-mail Integration Tool

 21.10.14  06.11.14

Wheelchair Accessible Double Deck Coaches 

 10.10.14 10.11.14