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  • Portrush Station Development

    Closing date 21/12/2017

    Portrush train station is on a branch line off the main Londonderry Railway Line and located on Eglinton Street, a main access route to the town centre. Translink wish to appoint an Economic Operator to undertake works in relation to the refurbishment of the existing station.

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  • Corporate Clothing and Workwear

    Closing date 04/01/2017

    Translink wishes to appoint a suitable contractor to provide Workwear and Structured Garments

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  • On-Vehicle CCTV Recorders and Forward Facing Cameras

    Translink requires a competent Economic Operator to ‘supply only’ up to 600 on-vehicle CCTV recorders that are comparable replacements with the current Hicvision DS9000 HMFI (8 and 12 channel) recorders, and to supply up to 1,000 suitable forward facing driver’s cameras that meet/exceed the current specified camera.

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