Policies & Commitment

The Group*  is dedicated to operating a Procurement Management System in accordance with all relevant industry and legislative requirements, in order to demonstrate its commitment to the provision of a quality procurement service.

This will incorporate:

  • Timely delivery and value for money
  • Supplier management
  • Best procurement and commercial practice
  • Protection of Group interests
  • Full recognition of safety and environmental concerns
  • Compliance with Specification
  • Ethical, social and environmental responsibility


We will establish mandatory procedures and controls that adhere to all applicable policies and legislation to ensure all holders of delegated procurement authority act within the aims of the Group Procurement Policy and Procedures.

We will develop stable, long term relationships with key suppliers and at the same time encouragement will be given to appropriate new suppliers in order to maximise the benefit of competitive procurement.

Contracts will be awarded to suppliers who meet the specified quality, reliability and safety requirements that represent the best overall value to the Group.  These will be based on 'whole life' costs that also consider factors such as technical compliance, operating costs, warranty and product support, inventory and distribution costs, pricing and payment schedules.

Holders of Delegated Procurement Authority will be subject to frequent review and audit to verify compliance with the instructions contained in the Group Procurement Policy and Procedures. 

All Group Managers are accountable for ensuring that the Procurement Policy and Procedures are where applicable briefed, understood and implemented at all levels within the Group.


Download our Guidelines for Fighting Bribery in Public Procurement>> Guidelines - Fighting Bribery in Public Procurement.pdf (Adobe pdf document 139Kb)


*The Group means the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company and all companies under its ultimate control (including its main operating subsidiaries Northern Ireland Railways Company Limited, Ulsterbus Limited and Citybus Limited), either collectively as a corporate group or individually.