Let's go Together

Together we are Translink - ‘Let’s go together’ Our bus and train services are used by close to 80 million passengers each year and recent surveys tell us that customer satisfaction remains high.

Our priority is to provide our customers with a professional and reliable public transport service. In doing this we know we touch the lives of thousands of people every day, simply by bringing families, friends and colleagues together to visit new places or just helping them to get to where they need to be.

We want to show how using the bus and train is a better choice for modern, healthy living and so have recently launched a new marketing and advertising campaign called ‘Let’s go together’. You can view the tv ad below:

The campaign uses coloured dominoes to show how we bring together our network of transport and emotional links affecting our passengers’ day in a positive way. Using real people and cutting edge digital technology, we have developed an advertising campaign that was market tested by members of the public and our employees from across Northern Ireland. The result? They loved it!

The outdoor campaign has already started and the brand new TV commercial is airing now!

Please see tv schedule below Let's Go together TV Schedule