Translink believes in full accountability and commits itself to honesty, openness and integrity in all dealings and being responsive to all stakeholders. 

Government is a key stakeholder in the business as changes in policy can directly affect our business. At a local level our relationships with local authorities and key interest groups are also important in improving service delivery.

As such, understanding and managing our stakeholders' expectations through engagement and good communications is pivotal to our success.

This section of the website aims to offer you to a range of corporate information which will highlight the organisations position on key issues and detail the changes and developments in local bus and rail services.

Northern Ireland's Public Transport Model

Translink as Northern Ireland’s main provider of integrated bus and rail services has made significant changes over the last 5 years resulting in sustained increases in passenger numbers in line with the Government’s Regional Transportation Strategy (RTS) 2002-2012.

The unique public transport arrangements in Northern Ireland allow integration to be placed at the heart of Translink operations. This means more buses and trains connecting, clear branding, common information sources and well-organised interchanges including park and ride.

This public transport model is making a real contribution to the social and economic developments essential for Northern Ireland to prosper; the challenge now is to grow further and turn Northern Ireland into a region renowned for excellent public transport and environmental sustainability.

Transport Structure in NI - NITHC and Translink

This section provides an overview of the structure of Public Transport in Northern Ireland including details on executives and  key polices in relation to equality and section 75. More >>

More Passengers choose Translink 

Public transport is a sustainable mode of travel; more people choosing buses and trains means a more sustainable future for Northern Ireland. We now deliver over 81 million passenger journeys per year. But, we will continue to change and innovate to make sure we offer value for money, provide ever more journey choices and keep driving down costs to keep public transport sustainable in the long term.

The success of public transport in Northern Ireland is clearest in the increasing numbers of customers choosing to make the switch to travel by bus and rail. The numbers travelling with NI Railways has increased by 67% since 2002; this exceeds the government’s targets set out in the Regional Transportation Strategy for Northern Ireland 2002 – 2012, four years early. 

The success of NI Railways has been recognised by gaining the status of UK Rail Business of the Year’ - the highest accolade in the rail industry.  Celebrations continued in March when NI Railways’ marked the milestone of 10 million passenger journeys made in 12 months – the highest level since 1960. Belfast’s Metro bus is also a big success story enjoying a 30% increase in passenger numbers since its launch in 2005 and Goldline services have grown by more than 20% since 2005.

Find out more about Translink’s vision and Corporate Plan.
What passengers say

Passengers Charter – This charter is a statement of Translink’s commitment to provide high-quality services clearly setting out what passengers have the right to expect on buses and trains in Northern Ireland. This is independently monitored twice a year.

Monitoring Results - Both Metro and N I Railways have been rated the highest ever since records began 15 years ago. Ulsterbus also continues to score highly.