Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company (NITHC) is a public corporation established under the Transport Act (NI) 1967 to oversee the provision of public transport in Northern Ireland. It took over the railway and bus activities of the Ulster Transport Authority (UTA), thus, Northern Ireland Railways and Ulsterbus were incorporated.

In 1973 Citybus (now Metro) was incorporated to take over the bus services of the Belfast Corporation Transport Department. Translink is a brand name which was introduced in late 1996 to cover the integrated services of Ulsterbus, Citybus (now Metro) and Northern Ireland Railways.

Role of NITHC

The Board of Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company is responsible to the Department for Regional Development for the operation of its subsidiary companies, Citybus, NI Railways and Ulsterbus, which deliver public transport services.

Its role is to approve the strategic direction of the operating companies and ensure their property governance. It also owns a portfolio investment throughout the Group.

The Chairmanship of NITHC is a non-executive position appointed by Government and like the other Directors is appointed for a renewable term of 3 years. The Board is serviced by a Director of Corporate Affairs. The Group Chief Executive of the subsidiary companies is also a member of the NITHC Board.

What is Translink?

Translink is the brand name of the 3 operating companies which operate scheduled bus and rail services in Northern Ireland, including cross-border and cross-channel links.

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Translink is a convenient shorthand name to describe the combined operations of the 3 companies and effectively communicates the co-ordinated nature of bus and rail services.

The operations of Citybus (now Metro), NI Railways and Ulsterbus are managed by a single integrated Executive Team.